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The First Steps :
Early Sixties. The dawn of a new era in Hosiery. The awakening of a future leader - Orient Textile Mills. And the visionary - Shri M. L. Sarda. He had one wish - to give Indians under Indian conditions, the most comfortable readymade undergarments possible.

The Desire to Excel ………..
The desire to excel was set in motion. The enterprise of a single man bore fruit. And BOMBAY BEAUTY- the very first Brand of the fledging Orient Textile Mills took its rightful share in a huge untapped market. Hard work and consistent quality, took pride of place and its share   of marketing   history.

Leader in the Making …….
'Bombay Beauty' was first marketed in Assam and the Assamese took to the Brand naturally. The initial successes came from lower Assam and in no time 'Bombay Beauty' became an all-Assam favourite.

Nothing Succeeds like Success ……
The early seventies saw another winner in the Brand CITIZEN. CITIZEN underwears took the demand graph sky-high, and Orient Textile Mills was on a roll to hit the big time. Professional and aggressive marketing plans were worked out, and 'advertising' of both BOMBAY BEAUTY and CITIZEN took its first steps to stardom. And you could sense a leader in the making.

Becoming a Key Player ....
Mid seventies, and these Brands had already entered the private lives of Rajasthanies. The Rajasthanies fell for their quality and promise of comfort. In no time Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh followed suit, and by the late 80's and early 90's an all-India market for Orient Textile Mills was theirs for the asking. Advertising thrusts, marketing innovations, new sales offices, a hard working core team of professionals were making sales history come true in the 90's. Technology would have     to   match   strides   -   imported TERROT knitting machines were brought in to match the world's   standards. BODY DAI machines from Germany for vests gave quality a push towards the latest frontiers.

Firsts’ from Orient …….
Orient gave the Hosiery Trade the now accepted "Carton Pack". And were the first to introduce the "10 pcs pack". Competitors' imitations followed in quick succession. Incidentally, Orient was also the first in the trade to offer 'Gifts' with purchases. Brands like REPORTER, YES BOSS and BRUTE are now household names. The entry into T-shirts with CEEZER was another happening and a full variety of T-shirts is now a success story.

The export market is becoming another success story, and the possibilities seem endless.

The export market is opening up, and the possibilities seem endless. The near future promises entry into a whore new era - the ladies Blouse and Nighties category.

Success is not a Destination. It is a Journey –
A hardworking pulsating journey.

New Styles. New demands of the marketplace is the final truth, and has to be met with 'care' for the final customer. Because they alone will decide on our tomorrows. And it is him them that Orient shall worship.

In Tune with Tomorrow –
Tomorrow is today's hardwork, exacting plans, and the pursuit of excellence. Because we are, what we pursue. And as we pursue Quality, our Brands will also speak the language of Quality. And the language of Quality will decide our Destiny.

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