Future Focus ...


In Tune with Tomorrow ...
Tomorrow is today's hardwork, exacting plans and the pursuit of excellence. Because we are, what we pursue and as we pursue Quality, our Brands will also speak the language of Quality and the language of Quality will decide our Destiny.

The Export Market :
The export market has opening up, and the possibilities seem endless. So we have also enter the whole new category of produceing Ladis Blouse and Nighties. We have already started produceing winter products of different rsnges. Imported GERMAN knitting machines were brought in to match the world's standard. 

We are palnning to do DIRECT EXPORT With increaseing demands from home and abroad markets we are planning to increase our infrastructurs in all respect.

We are selling Fabrics of our products to the manufacturers (Hosiery Fabric) in Home Market.

We are takeing over Cotton yarn production under our own brand name.

Orient gave the Hosiery Trade the now accepted "Carton Pack" and were the first to introduce the "10 pcs pack".Competitors' imitations followed in quick succession. Incidentally, Orient was also the first in te trade to offer "Gifts" with purchases. Brands like REPORTERYES BOSS and BRUTE are now household name. The entry into T-shirt with CEEZER was another happening and a full variety of T-shirts is now a success story.

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